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FOIA Support Services

Our comprehensive FOIA/PA plans
direct agency attention to the most
pressing concerns.

SCA enables agencies to realize
significant savings in resources and
personnel hours by minimizing the
chances of FOIA/PA appeals and

Our methods ensure a consistent
method for handling and securing
FOIA/PA information, including storage,
protection, and database operation.

Conducting agency-wide stakeholder
training to standardize best practices
among diverse program offices, and survey
planning and design to gather feedback
and identify areas of

SCA Executives and Legal Consultants ensure agency clients achieve a variety of successes

Creating comprehensive FOIA process and standard operating
procedure (SOP); all intake, review,
analysis and redaction of documents,
and drafting all form correspondence letters.

Spearheading agency change from a decentralized to a centralized FOIA
processing system

Significantly streamlining the FOIA intake procedures and creating efficiencies in all aspects of FOIA processing.

Enacting strategic management of short and long-term FOIA backlog reduction planning.

Negotiated with requesters and coordinating review among General
Counsel, submitters, and field offices; these efforts led to a 37% reduction
of the agency’s backlog between FY 2015 and FY 2016, and achieved the
agency’s lowest FOIA backlog in 20 years.

Facilitating settlement of multi-year FOIA litigation – one of the longest
running and most expensive FOIA litigations in agency history – by timely
meeting court-ordered production deadlines.

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